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University of California Television
How Stem Cells Contribute to Aging and Age-Related Diseases
What challenges does aging pose to both individuals and society at large? What causes aging at the cellular and molecular level? Stem cell research is key to finding solutions that increase our healthspan and change how we think about aging. Robert A.J. Signer, Ph.D., shares what is on the horizon.
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University of California Television
A Closer Look at…Aging
Can we leverage stem cells to help live longer, healthier lives? Robert A.J. Signer, Ph.D., and Shiri Gur-Cohen, Ph.D., examine the process of aging at the molecular and cellular level to show how stem cells may be the key to preventing age-related health problems.
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Cell Stem Cell (Preview)
Avoid shocking your hematopoietic stem cells to keep them young and growing
Expanding hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) ex vivo has historically been a very challenging process. In this issue of Cell Stem Cell, Kruta et al., (2021) identify heat shock factor 1 (Hsf1) as a new target to maintain HSC fitness and protein homeostasis, not only in culture conditions but also upon aging.
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Bone Marrow Transplant and Aging Research Heats Up With Lab-Grown Stem Cells
New Blood: Lab-grown stem cells bode well for transplants, aging research.
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PR Newswire
The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, The Mark Foundation for Cancer Research and the Paul G. Allen Frontiers Group Partner to Award $6.75M in New Grants to Drive the Next Wave of Novel Cancer Therapies
New “Blood Cancer Discoveries Grant Program” supported by a novel three-way collaboration.
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The Philadelphia Inquirer
Coronavirus math shows the importance of social distancing, and the horrible consequences of not doing it
If you still doubt the crucial importance of avoiding other people, or if you think Philadelphia’s “stay at home” order is excessive, consider this:
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Global News
A look at the math behind social distancing amid coronavirus
By now, Canadians are well aware they should be practising social distancing amid the new coronavirus pandemic.
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The San Diego Union-Tribune
Commentary: Amid coronavirus outbreak, San Diego medical professor explains why staying home is essential
Against the novel coronavirus called COVID-19, no one is immune, a UCSD medical professor explains. “Everyone can get sick and everyone can spread the disease.”
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How the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic is impacting rural America
Patrons of Rooster Brew, a brewpub located in the small town of Paris, in rural Bourbon County, Kentucky, were upbeat and laughing Friday night.
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Indy100 (from Independent)
This graphic perfectly explains why social distancing is so important right now
In the last week, you’ve probably heard the term “social distancing” more than you ever realised was possible.
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Medical News Today
BRCA1 gene is key for blood forming stem cells
Researchers have discovered that the BRCA1 gene is required for the survival of blood forming stem cells, which could explain why patients with BRCA1 mutations do not have an elevated risk for leukemia. The stem cells die before they have an opportunity to transform into a blood cancer.
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The Academic Minute
Cellular Protein Production
The ability of our cells to operate properly is determined by the proteins that we produce. Proteins are not only critical building blocks in the production of new cells but also the enzymes that regulate most cellular processes, such as metabolic pathways.
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Cell Stem Cell (Preview)
Tailor Made Protein Synthesis for HSCs
Translation control is a prevalent form of gene expression regulation in developmental and stem cell biology. A recent paper by Signer et al. (2014) measures protein synthesis in the mouse hematopoietic compartment and reveals the importance of diminished protein production for maintaining hematopoietic stem cell function and restraining oncogenic potential.
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Nature Cell Biology (Research Highlights)
Tight control of HSC protein synthesis
Little is known about the regulation of translation in somatic stem cells, although mutations affecting ribosomal functions and translation in humans have been associated with haematopoietic defects, including cancers.
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Science Daily
Stem cell study opens door to undiscovered world of biology
For the first time, researchers have shown that an essential biological process known as protein synthesis can be studied in adult stem cells — something scientists have long struggled to accomplish. The groundbreaking findings from the Children’s Medical Center Research Institute at UT Southwestern (CRI) also demonstrate that the precise amount of protein produced by blood-forming stem cells is crucial to their function.
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Science Daily
Genetics of Aging and Cancer Resistance
Scientists have identified two genes — p16(Ink4a) and Arf — that sensitize lymphoid progenitor cells to the effects of aging, and confer resistance to leukemogenesis.
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